About Us

Like you, I am a technology professional who purchases products and services on behalf of my employer. Also like you, I want to make sure that I am being a good steward of the limited resources that I have and that I negotiate a fair deal for both my company and the vendor.

The problem I have experienced throughout my career is that technology procurement is not transparent. There is a world of information about how products map to various requirements as well as user reviews. Both vendor and independent websites provide volumes of information about various products and how they stack up. But when you want to purchase, you are basically on your own.

Am I getting a good deal? What are the pricing trends? How are the sales reps being incentivized? Is the vendor discounting certain products? Do I have any leverage?

Today, these questions can be answered in basically one of two ways:

  1. Pay a service to provide you with this information. On very large deals or in companies with large IT budgets, this can be a great fit. For smaller firms or deals… not so much.
  2. Connect with colleagues who have purchased products from the same vendor and hope their information is recent and relevant to you.

Neither of these options is ideal for obvious reasons. But what if, you could tap into the collective knowledge of thousands of your peers to help you make better purchasing decisions? In a vendor-free environment where your identity is protected.

This is why TechDealBook was born. This is a mission to see if we can build a network that helps all of us make better decisions and share our knowledge with others. Think of it like a Wikipedia for technology procurement.

Like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter… our network becomes valuable only when you share your information. Please invite your colleagues, share your information and let’s see if we can build a community that will benefit us all.